Merion Memorial Park
Merion Memorial Park

What not to do while visting your loved ones.

Do not enter the cemetery after hours

Cemetery hours have been posted for a reason. The gates are closed after normal visiting hours. Please be respectful of the deceased, our employees, and the families. You can always call us to schedule your visit.

Do not walk on top of the graves.

While visiting please be respectful of the deceased and their families. You can approach the headstones while looking for your loved one. However please keep your distance from the graves while searching for your loved ones.

Please give others their privacy while visitng, don't speak to them...

Please don't speak to other visitiors, you may nod to them and smile. If they are open to talking or approach you then by all means have a nice conversation. Most people who are visiting are grieving and would like to have some alone time with their thoughts and prayers. This applies to all situations when in the cemetery.

Do not sit on or lean against the headstones, grave markers, or other memorials.

This is considered to be disrespectful to the deceased and their families. If you do plan to visit for a while a small camping chair is alright to bring with you. Please take the chair when you leave.

We do not allow photography or video recording.

This is due to giving everyone their privacy regardless if the people are living or deceased, we ask for your cooperation as this can be a difficult time for people who may be mourning. Everyone is entitled to thier own privacy and respect. 

Do not speed through the cemetery roads.

This should be common sense, while driving through please keep your speed low as to not to disturb others or cause any unnecessary damage to the lawns due to hills and tight roads. Please keep your speed to a maximum of ten (10) miles per hour. If you see a service in progress please give them privacy and space.

Do not let your children run wild around the cemetery.

We kindly ask you to talk with your children ahead of time before coming to the cemetery or being here for a service. Explain to them that this is out of courtesy for the grieving families and the deceased. It is important for children to understand the reality of death and not fear it, however they are encouraged to join the greiving individuals as long as they understand the importance of respect and care of life and death.

What not to leave behind for your loved ones.

Please do not leave any glass, ceramic, or other breakable items on the graves. Solar lights and little plastic fences are also not allowed. This is due to ground maintenance either grass mowing or leaf removal and other preperations. Breakable items are a big concern as the pieces may not be fully visible and could cause injuries to others.

Do not leave food or drinks behind.

We ask this so that we can keep pests and wildlife away from the cemetery. Food and drinks can also spoil if they are not removed quickly. We try hard to offer a clean and orderly property. This is also asked out of respect for the deceased, their loved ones and our staff.

Do not make out or get frisky.

This should be obvious, however stranger things have happened. It is just disrespectful to everyone. Our cemetery is a place of love, yes. However it is for spirtual and emotional love, not physical. Thank you for your understanding.

Other things not to do here.

  • Leave trash behind
  • No pets are allowed on the grounds
  • Blasting music, this should be obvious.
  • Take other peoples flowers or small decorations
  • Getting too close to a funeral in progress
  • DO NOT ignore cemetery rules
  • When parking to visit a loved one please DO NOT park in the middle of the roadway, our roads arre narrow please pull off to the side as far as you can without being on the lawn.

The last thing not to do here.

Do not be a stranger, our cemetery is here for you to visit your loved ones. We greatly encourage you to visit as often as you like. I'm sure your loved ones do as well. Thank you for reading this and we hope to see you soon.

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