Merion Memorial Park
Merion Memorial Park

COVID-19 News 

Thank you for considering our cemetery for your burial needs during this difficult time. We want to address our policies and procedures with you so we are able to provide you with better services during your time of need.


For safety reasons and emergency situations no one should block our main entrance or cross streets. The police, fire dept, etc. should always have access and most importantly our residents should be able to enter or exit their homes safetly. They should never have to ask for someone to move their vehicle so they can enter or exit their driveways. Verbal confrontation is not necessary nor is it acceptable. Please respect their concerns and rights as you would have them respect yours when you wish to enter or leave your property.


There will be NO parking permitted in any Cul De Sacs.


If there is an organization or a club of any kind, please try to inform us ahead of time so we can be prepared for their arrival and inform them of our policy and procedures for parking.

Please, NO loud music of any kind when entering the cemetery. We always want to show respect to our visitors and to any on going funerals that may be taking place.


With respect and dignity, we are making every effort to provide you with the best service possible but we need everyone's cooperation. This is an unprecedented time which requires us all to work together in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all.


Thank you for continuing to work with us.

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